best eaten raw or kinilaw (dip in vinegar), tamilok is a wood worm mollusk found in the mangroves or " bakawan located aroud the shores of palawan.


A kapampangan specialty, betute are deep fried frogs stuffed with minced pork garlick and spices. located in pampanga.


A popular dish in the cordilleras of the philippines, pinikpikan is a chick soup dish where the chicken used was beaten to death thats why its called pikpik. located in baguio

Crispy frog legs

Crucnchy frog legs that has a subtle flavor that goes well with a spicy sauce made from farm frogs legs.


This is made from rice field crickets sauteed in tomatoes and onions, located in pampanga

Sea urchin

a well known japanese delicacy called uni it is considered an exotic food in sotheast asia, locally called tuyom, tiyok, swaki and kuden-kuden.

Adobong uok

An exotic food located in rizal thats cook with beetle larvae as adobo

Pinawikan or ginataang kabayo

located in dumaguete a horse meat with coconut milk

Ginataang kuhol

A filipino freshwater mollusk(kuhol) delicacy cooked in coconut milk, ginger, garlic, onion, and other condiments.